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2013 is gonna be sick for geeks
  PanoRaMa, Dec 03 2012

Some releases to look forward to if you're anything like me:

- [TV] Top Gear, Series 19
- [TV] Young Justice (returns)
- [TV] UFC 156: Aldo vs Edgar
- [Game] Day Z Standalone (possible release)

- [Game] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
- [TV] The Walking Dead (returns)

- [TV] Game of Thrones, Season 3
- [Game] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Some time in 2013 (hopefully):
- GSP or Jones vs Silva
- DOJ pay me my moneys

Am I missing anything else?

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October Results (13k) + Live Update
  PanoRaMa, Nov 01 2012

While I don't do monthly updates for my live career I thought this would be a good point to stop and discuss some things.

Hours: 89
Profit: $13195

The Break-up and Run Good Anti-Curse - A couple years ago when I broke up with my gf at the time, I was devastated but had a pretty amazing month. This month started out with me and the girl I'd been seeing for about 8 months splitting up. It was a little emotionally strange for me, and I instantly hit a 9k downswing, but I kept at it and ended up crushing the DS in like a week flat and kept going. So history has shown me that getting rid of girls = run good mania!

Semi-related, another thing I'd been practicing a lot of is meditation, essentially just learning how to be a happier human being and getting rid of my stresses, worries, jealousies, etc. It for sure was a really good way for me to get over my breakup very quickly and focus on playing awesome poker as soon as possible. I met someone while playing Live who owns two meditation schools and I kindled one of his books and thought it was fascinating and helped me tremendously. It's Noah Levine - Heart of the Revolution if anyone cares. It's taught me a lot about why we feel things like anger/sadness/regret etc. and has put into very relatable terms how one can easily dissolve these feelings when they arise.

Lastly, I will be moving on from Poker around February of 2013. I'm moving to San Francisco where I will be learning to code and hopefully be getting a junior developer position at some tech startup somewhere. I'll of course be still on LP and all that, but when I move it will essentially mark one complete year as a live pro. I guess at that time if people are interested I can do a Ask Me Anything about live play, which is something I think I've gotten really good at (not just strategy but table persona and stuff like that too) since I started in February this year.

So I have about 3 months left of grinding 5/10 live poker - hoping to just have it be as smooth as possible. GL everyone!

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Transition to Live
  PanoRaMa, May 05 2012

Been playing a lot of 5/10 live lately to make up for the lack of online poker. It's been a pretty interesting transition that I'm still struggling with, but to start off here's my poorly produced graph from excel:

(x axis is sessions)

I'm avging an hourly of $60 right now that doesn't include commute (30 mins each way) and waitlisting. Really hoping I can bump it up to $100, which I'm not sure is sustainable or not, but that's my goal anyway. Was well on my way before the doomswong after session 12.

A quick list of things I'm struggling with, some of which are universal to live, and some characteristic of the LA casino I play at:
1. Dealing with Full Ring itself, coming from a largely 6max and HU background.

2. Dealing with people limping strong broadways, PPs up to TT, and occasionally the AA/KK l/rr from EP.

3. Dealing with people flatting big PPs pre, which makes their value range a lot wider than I give them credit for

4. Bluff frequencies and how they view which spots are good to bluff. This is obviously very player-dependent too but the size of the player pool at my casino makes it such that I don't develop deep history or understanding of any specific player. So occasionally some live reg will pull a bluff that I give too much credit for just because its, in my online-player mind, a suicidal bluff and thus he's probably nutted. It's a hard habit to shake.

5. I started buying in for the max at my stakes (150bbs), didn't like it because there aren't as many clueless, gambly fish as I expected. The majority of the player pool are loose passives and if deep stacks are ever getting in, its usually a cooler situation that I can be on the wrong side of. To reduce my risk of ruin I'm starting to play 100bbs, and 100bbs is obviously a stack size I'm very very comfortable with as an online player anyway. Good results so far from that switch.

I'd like to think I'm one of the best regulars at 5/10 based on online experience (there seem to be very few good online players playing this game regularly, though a few of them might be at higher stakes), but I feel like there are still some live intangibles that the live regs have over me, or it's just taking me too slow to adapt. Likely the biggest lesson I've learned (though I learned this some years ago when I was playing big live tourneys) is to not underestimate the live atmosphere. I don't think it's as easy as just being an online pro and coming in and schooling everyone, especially in a full ring setting, and there's definitely a learning curve involved.

There are some people MUCH more qualified than I to talk about live play like andrewsong cosmo myth rek etc. but if anyone has any questions about live play I can try my best to help answer

edit: oh man didn't know I was still a featured blog, haven't blogged in a year.

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